Marketing Video

Intimate studio web broadcasting in front of an audience and with or without on-air callers.

Indoor and outdoor events covered with Internet streaming video. 3-camera, switched, H.264 "live" video. Sports announcing, audio color.

Strategic storyboarding and clip gathering, sophisticated editing effects for cable or the Internet.

Live talk web tv

Event production

strategy & technology consulting services

Life After Television, Inc. is a global professional services company dedicated to providing world class strategic and technical expertise to media companies, healthcare institutions and chains, and government agencies managing media content. We provide highly trained resources for planning, budgeting, and implementing investments in asset preservation, provision of private and public access to content, the monetization of cloud, as well as the deployment of digital supply chain and cloud computing services. 
We achieve world-class results by applying best practices in business and technology. While enhancing our reputation as thought leaders in Information Technology, digital supply chain and cloud computing, we want to be judged by our customers' results and satisfaction.   
Life After Television believes deeply in social responsibility, treating employees with respect, investing in people, and providing solutions that support environmental sustainability